RALLY Charlotte is a new non-profit organization with a mission to RALLY our community to share their social capital for a more promising, optimistic future for the next generation.

Your social capital comes from your network of friends, peers, mentors, colleagues, and classmates. It can determine your ability to find a job, a home, and a better life. Through the shared experiences of youth sports and recreation, mentoring, education, health and wellness, and cultural programs, we can build bridges and relationships between people who may not otherwise interact.

Our first goal is the Rally Charlotte Community Center, where all this can come together.


To make a donation online, please click below:


To make a donation by mail, please send a check, payable to:
“RALLY Charlotte”
Tax ID # 82-5244772

To this address:
RALLY Charlotte
1800 Pinewood Circle
Charlotte, NC 28211




For more information contact david@rallycharlotte.org