Ophelia Garmon-Brown Community Center

When you walk into the OGB Community Center, we trust you will feel like you’re in a safe and welcoming place — almost like a bonus home — where you’ll discover a diverse community of friends, mentors, coaches, and families that will support you in achieving your goals   Yes, we also hope you’ll enjoy the many features of the Center — the gyms and courts; the community rooms and teaching kitchen; the fitness center and classes — but it’s the people that will matter the most when you come here.


Features of Facility

  • Two basketball/volleyball courts
  • 20 Community Classrooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Nutrition Kitchen / Teaching Kitchen
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Bathrooms and Locker Room
  • Office space
  • Lobby
  • **Swimming Pool
**If we are able to secure funding

“Charlotte has the resources, but does it have the will to do what is necessary to make the community better…